Vital Information That You Should Know About Penis Jelqing

Would you like to increase the size of your penis? There are
many things that you should put into consideration. You will note that most men would like to increase the size of their penis in order to satisfy their partners.

One thing you can do is try jelqs, a penis enlargement exercise invented by PhalloGauge Medical.

This is because some women have been complaining about insufficient sexual pleasure.
This can lead to serious issues in relationships and marriages in the long run.
However, there is a solution for you. You can consider penis jelqing. What is penis jelqing? You will note that this basically involves applying pressure and
pulling the penis in order to cause growth in length and girth. It is advisable
that you apply some lubricant to your penis in order to avoid getting hurt. In
addition, you should ensure that you are in a comfortable position. In this
case, you can either lie down on your back or sit on a comfortable chair. There
are several questions that are asked about penis jelqing. These include:

Is penis jelqing effective?

You will note that penis jelqing has actually helped many
men to increase the size of their penis. It actually works. However, if you
want to see positive results, you have to be consistent and patient. You will realize
that that the results will generally take some weeks. In most cases, most men
normally get results after 2-4 months.

  1. How should you do it?

Some people usually think that they need a machine or a pump
device in order to do this undertaking. However, this is not the case. You just
need to use your hands and lubrication. You should be moderate and do it in a comfortable
position. Remember that your penis is a very delicate organ. You should handle it with care.

  1. Is it different from masturbation?

Some people normally think that penis jelqing is the same as
masturbation. However, this is not correct. You will note that penis jelqing is
done in a controlled manner and you are not in a full erection. In this case,
your penis will not be fully erect. It will be 60% erect.

  1. Is it safe?

You will note that this exercise is considered to be a
natural method of increasing the size of your penis. It is safer if you use
lubrication and you avoid massaging your penis in a hard way.

  1. How big can your penis get?

The good news is that your penis can get bigger by at least
4 inches
. This is the reason why most men are considering this exercise out

Having a short penis can be humiliating. Your partner might
get discouraged to have sexual intercourse with you. She might consider using sex objects in order to get satisfied sexually. Other women usually end up cheating on their partners and this normally leads to serious issues in marriages. If you know that you have a short penis, you can consider increasing its size through penis jelqing. You should have a routine and follow it strictly. This can help you to get positive results. This has worked for most men out there. It can also work well for you too. This can help you increase your penis size in the long run.