Penis Size: Enlightening Male Statistics for Men

Penis is a male sex organ which performs sexual acts by being inserted in the female organ. It is responsible for the sexual pleasure, its tip is sensitive with many nerve endings that make a man orgasm from the stimulation provided by the environment in the woman. What I have always
thought is that there is no bad or good penis. It’s all about you and what you think about yourself. The best thing a man can do to their sexual life is being proud of his penis and use it well to give pleasure to their woman.
The topic about size is however unavoidable as it will always come up in social areas. Men and women, both straight and gay are always interested in the size of a man’s penis. Men will always brag of a big penis but that will many times be an overstatement. The jokes that go around about penis size and disadvantages of a small penis are most of the time misinforming and could affect a man’s self-esteem. The biggest cause of this is that around 45% of men are insecure about their penis size, they think that they have a small penis.
The size of a human penis will grow between the time you are born and the age of five. It will start growing again after about a year of puberty onset. The latest your penis will grow is at 17 years. The penis has different sizes when flaccid and when erect. The size of your erect penis is
not directly proportional to its flaccid size. Men could be having a similar erection size but have varying flaccid size. Penis size will be affected by various factors:

·time of the day,

·room temperature,

·arousal level,

·how frequently you are involved in sexual activities

·How reliable the tool of measurement is.
Studies have shown that on average, a flaccid penis measures 3.64 inches. An erect penis will measure 5.16 inches on average. This data should reduce your worries about the size of your penis. After all, the average size of a vagina is 3-4 inches in length. Moreover, if you have a large penis like a horse you are still covered. Depending on the levels of arousal the vagina can expand up to 200% of its original size. 95% of men will have an erect penis measuring less than 6.3 inches. This simply means that in a group of 100 men only 5 will have more than 6.3 inches in their boxers and therefore the bragging should not scare you.
Measuring penis size.

An erect penis can be measured from the top (connection to pubic bone) to the tip (glans). When measuring you should push any fat around the penis area and also do not include any additional length from the foreskin. This way you will get an accurate measurement.
A long penis may not be enjoyable during sex. Most women will go for an average penis size when it comes to a long term relationship. A big sized penis is preferred for a one night encounter. Being so sensitive about your penis size can lead to anxiety induced erectile dysfunction and therefore you should always trust your size. It’s all about self-confidence and brains.