Support For You

Over the years we have made several attempts at better understanding why patients drop out of care, even though the drop out rate at the Center is half that of the national average. Sometimes the reasons are quite simple such as they have conceived on their own or decided to adopt.

Other times we hear that situations have changed such as a relationship ended or the timing just isn’t right. Without a doubt the two biggest reasons we hear why patients have dropped out of treatment are financial and a sense of being overwhelmed.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your diagnosis and treatment options, please reach out to us. We have skilled psychologists who are highly trained health professionals, providing education and counseling services to patients at The Center. The mind-body cognitive-behavioral counseling they offer is intended to help patients  understand and cope with the stresses of infertility and better deal with emotional and ethical issues that can be encountered. Specific treatment for conditions such as needle phobias is also available. In addition The Center offers drop in support groups and a mind body learning series.

If you are feeling that you cannot afford treatment, please speak to one of our Financial Services Representatives. Our team will work tirelessly to understand your insurance benefit and maximize coverage when ever possible. For those who do not have insurance coverage we offer several innovative financial options that might just work for you.

Moreover, The Center is a proud supporter of RESOLVE of Greater Hartford. RESOLVE is a national non-profit, charitable organization that offers referral, counseling and support groups to people challenged with fertility in their life. Greater Hartford is one of many chapters nationwide. RESOLVE offers support, information, and informal discussions led by your peers. Meetings are an opportunity to meet others facing similar challenges and learn about the resources available. Infertility Peer Support Groups are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at The Center. Couples and individuals are welcome!

For more information about support services available at The Center please go to these links:


Resolve Support Groups 2014 (support group for moms of mulitples)

Hang in there…we’re all here for you!